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Alison Sutton - wiccan

The Alchemy of Becoming...
 ~   a witch

  "Come and join us on a fabulous journey of self discovery, experience the power of Glastonbury; the sacred Isle of Avalon" -Alison Sutton

Here at Alchemy of Becoming we can offer you training, events, products and much more through our comprehensive range of services.

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Blessed Be from Glastonbury!

Witches and pagans honour the cycle that the God and Goddess move through with the changing seasons. To that end we are coordinating a program of celebrations of paganism and witchcraft in Glastonbury.

Join us as we journey through a year of self exploration, ritual, craft and connection. We have put together a programme of eight weekends, based around the Sabbats, to create a safe space where we can share and deepen our experiences of our spiritual path without judgement and see the commonality of the threads that link us all together. Through sharing this journey we can experience growth in all areas of our life and a greater sence of connection with God and Goddess. Check the events page for details.

'Take time outside your everyday life to stop and reconnect'

Tarot readings available

tarot readings

Come and see what the future may
have in store for you. Tarot allows
you to assess your options and
make the best possible choice.

Tarot readings in Glastonbury click here

Alchemy of Becoming
... a witch

In becoming a witch I found a sense of empowerment that defined the true love that witchcraft has for the God and Goddess. With this online witchcraft course I shall strive to support you in discovering the 'witch within', and enable you to seek the harmony and joy that can be found within witchcraft.

'Discover the unity of the divine within'


Do you have a personal prayer or offering that you would like the magick of Glastonbury and Spirit of Place to receive? Are there special days when you need a physical link to the Isle of Avalon?

Bespoke Spells crafted specifically to your needs with integrity and intention, each one individual.

Support for healing through simple prayers and blessings, whatever your spiritual path.Contact us to be added to our daily devotionals.

Please have a look at our small selection of locally hand made products. Beautifully made with integrity, by Glastonbury working witches. Spell kits, incense, folk magick charms, and ritual oils are just some of the items on offer.

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